Get Unstuck & Move Beyond Your Frustrations

Nature-Based Coaching with Amy Lohr

Have you asked for help but still feel stuck?

Have you worked with psychotherapists, healers, coaches, or other wellness professionals and you still haven't gotten what you need?

Well, I can help with that.

I work with people who are frustrated, tired, or annoyed with dealing with the same old issues. 

Are you looking for Mental Health Advocacy with Amy?


 About Amy Lohr

I help people get unstuck through coaching that uses both traditional and nontraditional methods. With my experience in the mental health field, as a healer, and as a coach, I have a unique perspective on what works and doesn't. As an advocate for helping people recover from psychotherapy, I help people get beyond psychotherapy and into their personal truth while experiencing healing and personal growth.

Whether its helping people feel less overwhelmed, re-discovering their awesomeness, or accessing their freedom to just be who they are, we work together on getting unstuck with individual coaching, group programs, or workshops.

I coach people through living more naturally and healthy while also helping them access all the supportive tools they need to be well with the most ease.

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Get Unstuck with Amy

Virtual Nature-Based Coaching & Healing Services

15 Min Phone Consult


Ancestral Healing Session - 75 Min


Getting Unstuck Program

3 Class Series

I'm Super Stuck! (BEST DEAL)

6 Coaching Session Package

Life Is Just a Little Sticky

3 Coaching Session Package

One Time Coaching Session 60 Min


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