Get Unstuck & Move Beyond Your Frustrations

Have you asked for help but still feel stuck?

Have you worked with psychotherapists, healers, coaches, or other wellness professionals and you still haven't gotten what you need?

Well, I can help with that.

I work with people who are frustrated, tired, or annoyed with dealing with the same old issues. 

You have your choice between working with me in psychotherapy or coaching & healing sessions depending on your needs. Don't worry, I can help you determine which service will best fit your needs. 

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About Amy

I'm so happy you are here and exploring ways to improve your life and ultimately yourself!

I have been helping people for over 14 years through psychotherapy, coaching, and consulting. In that time I have developed an expertise in helping people identify and address the root issues to the problems they are dealing with as opposed to just treating symptoms.

Most clients who seek services from me have sought help from multiple therapists or other healing practitioners without success. It is very common for clients to say in their first session "I have never experienced anything like this before," and to feel relief, hope, and equipped to be able to start addressing issues outside of the session. 

I have specialized in treating issues related to trauma and abuse, eating disorders and grief and loss in my work as a psychotherapist. 

As a coach and healer, I provide services that blend coaching along with other energy healing modalities that help you uncover and address root issues. Energy healing is used to support this process and address areas in your body where issues are stuck and help the body release there. 

As a mental health advocate I assist those who have experienced abuse in the mental health field to file a complaint against the provider and provide support through this process, as well as assisting the individual in healing these issues. These services can also be provided in order to help prevent abuse or unethical practice through direct advocacy with mental health providers on behalf of the client.

Whether it is through providing direct services to individuals or groups or through speaking engagements, workshops or retreats, I am passionate about helping people reconnect with their awesome ability to heal and grow while also advocating for professional services that uphold this integrity and the human capacity. 

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Get Unstuck with Amy

Virtual Psychotherapy, Coaching, Healing & Advocacy Services

Psychotherapy Session - 60 Min


Mental Health Advocacy - Initial Consultation


One Time Coaching Session 60 Min


I'm Super Stuck! (BEST DEAL)

6 Coaching Session Package

Life Is Just a Little Sticky

3 Coaching Session Package

If needed, please inquire about services at a reduced fee based on income.

Rates Available Based on Income


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